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Music of the Angels - Sheet Music (Digital Download)


    Once you've purchased the course, you will receive an email* inviting you to sign up as a member on my website (you’ll need to set a password via the link in the email). 

    *You will receive this within 48hrs, often sooner

    You will then be able to access the course via a members-only login


    1. If you have bought the course and would like to use a different email for the login than the one used for purchasing, please email me at and I will get it switched over for you!

    2. Anyone can create a members account, but without purchasing the course, the member will not have access to the course pages.

    3. Bought a course previously? Once you've paid, if you already have an account, I'll simply add the extra permissions and you'll be granted access to the new course in 48hrs.

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