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Learn how to use a loop machine & create your own tunes! A step-by-step guide taking you through recommended items, setup, getting started, and onto making your own bass lines, riffs, melodies and percussion on the harp

What's in this course and why it can help you!

Watch this short video to find out more about the course


What you'll do

✔️Learn about inputs/outputs
✔️Understand the basics of playing with a loop machine
✔️Challenge yourself to play with different time signatures and rhythms
✔️Learn iconic basslines and riffs
✔️Build-your-own catchy bass, melody and riffs


What you'll get

✔️A guide to the best buys in the market

✔️Step-by-step guide to setting up with a loop machine

✔️Step-by-step videos and instructions
✔️Sound files to add to your loop machine
✔️Challenges and exercises with examples
✔️The knowledge to enhance your playing and expand possibilities!
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How you access the online course Once you've purchased the course, you will receive an email* inviting you to sign up as a member on my website (you’ll need to set a password via the link in the email). *You will receive this within 48hrs, often sooner You will then be able to access the course via a members-only login FAQs If you have bought the course and would like to use a different email for the login than the one used for purchasing, please email me at and I will get it switched over for you! Bought a course previously? Once you've paid for a course, if you already have an existing account, I'll simply add the extra permissions and you'll be granted access to the new course in 48hrs. You can use the same login for both courses.

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