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Online Course Released! Kickstart Composing

I am so excited to announce that my new online course is now live with an early-bird discount! 🤫📣 EARLYBIRD25 for 25% off throughout August 2021!

I've been working on this course since the beginning of the year and I hope it will encourage more young musicians to start composing! As a student, I was so lucky to have the constant encouragement of my teacher Eleanor Turner to start composing alongside my harp studies. With this course I want to carry the baton forward, helping young people to start composing and say what they want to say with their music

This course is for those playing ANY instrument around ages 7-15 who is interested in starting or developing their composing- especially injecting some creativity into the process! Instructional videos include harp, piano & clarinet, with advice guided to individual instruments and plenty which is relevant to all!

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